Saturday, January 16, 2016

11 Questions

I got these questions from Tayma.Leigh and I'm going to be even more lazy than she was and I'm just going to answer the questions and ignore the rest because I am terrible and have a headache. XD

Also she asks really hard questions!!! >:I lololol


  1. What do you feel your biggest dolly mistake has been since you joined the hobby?
    • I got too invested in dolly drama early on and it’s made me rather negative in general and I have trouble holding it back from people sometimes. 
  2. What is your favourite prop, accessory, or piece of clothing you have for your dolls?
    • I don’t reeeeeally have a favourite anything. I have a favourite item of clothing for most of my dolls that is specific to the doll wearing it, but other than that nothing, really. 
      • Diamond: The first shirt my girlfriend made for him, the white dolman-style shirt. <3
      • Emerald: His nine9 style green sweater
      • Clay: Her blue hoodie with yellow stripes. I think it says “Color your vintage” or something. XD
      • Raspberry: The red and white dress my girlfriend made for her. 
      • For my tinies (Davis, Ducky, Taels, Rook, Jack): I have a ton of really cute in-scale toys for them, including hand puppets. :3
      • Ymir: His blue-gray nine9 style jacket.
      • Shael: The brown boots I recently got him. 
      • Peach & Minty: I love all of their clothes lol. 
      • I think that’s everyone??? lololol
  3. Is there something in face sculpts that continually draws you in? (e.g. pouty lips or big noses)
    • I think eyes are a huge feature for me. I like them really big or really dreamy.  I also really love large lips I just haven’t managed to purchase a doll like that yet.
  4. Do you generally choose your doll's styling before or after they arrive?
    • a little bit of both. When I ordered Ymir, I photoshopped how I wanted him to look and somehow managed to get it exactly the way I imagined it. For others, I’ve had styles in mind, tried them, and ended up hated them. 
  5. Is there something regarding dolls you wish you knew how to do? (e.g. sewing, face-ups, etc.)
    • Basically everything? But in particular I really wish I knew how to build sets and props. 
  6. What is the story behind your doll-media username?
    • I was originally using my nickname in things and I grew to hate it (and my online persona at the time because I was a terrible person). I wanted to start fresh and I’m awful at coming up with new names so I was trying to think of things I like. I had at one point received a purse as a gift that was covered in stars and robots and it was super cute so I decided to use that as my inspiration. I couldn’t decide between Stars are Robots and Stars love Robots and decided I could have both and not care if I just combined them into one word (I also really like words that you can combine because the last letter of the first word is the same as the first letter of the second word) and ended up with “starobots”. I still really love stars but I’m rather indifferent about robots. I’ve tried coming up with another name but finding something that ISN’T registered everywhere already is hard and I don’t want “9348” or something added at the end of the username I want. XD 
  7. What is something you wish was a bigger part of the doll hobby [in your area, if relevant]?
    • Other than meetups I’m not sure what else could be answered for this. Mostly I just want meetups that are in my city (not Toronto) and have more than 3 people in attendance lol. 
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve in the doll hobby? 
    • I find there is a lot of two-faced nonsense I can’t tolerate. 
  9. Who are your three biggest inspirations when it comes to dolls? (They don't have to be doll people)
    • frappzilla: She has been my favourite for unique character designs and use of colour.
    • mizya: Her dolls are always so well put together and I love them. 
    • Nina Reichart: Her Flickr is full of amazing Blythe photography and I can’t help but want to favourite everything she posts! I want to be able to take photos like that, in that quality with the amazing setups and beautiful dolls. ;0;
  10. Have you ever bought a doll or [expensive] outfit/accessory on impulse? How did that turn out?
    • Uh. Most of my dolls are impulses. XD It’s pretty bad. Diamond, Clay, Shael, Davis, Ducky, Raspberry, Raven, Peach & Minty are all impulse purchases. I think it turned out well so far?
  11. The apocalypse has come and you can only save ONE of your dolls. Which one do you pick? (Seriously. Only one, none of this 'I can't possibly choose' nonesense).
    • Ihu so much right now. :IIIII Raspberry or Diamond. idk which of those two it would be but one of them. Or Rook, but then I feel bad not saving her sister, Jack, as well. ):