Sunday, March 18, 2018

Heart Eyes

I got heart hands thanks to a friend who was selling some so now I get to play around with them! My incoming minifee also got these hands and I'm excited to have them capable of two-person hand-hearting. XD

I don't know what this is. Monkey ears? 😂

Friday, March 2, 2018

Alternate Coupling

So for some reason my actual doll couples don't like to photograph together, specifically Emmy and his boyfriend Zircon. However, Emmy and Diamond looked great together and didn't cause me any fuss. Go figure! I decided to take some AU photos of them, haha.


With the new posts going up about Niella arriving and the new motion line body I've been really hyped about my incoming order from Fairyland. I probably have at least 1 month left on it, but I'm excited to see how the new body moves. I've been eager to photograph my moe-line boys as a result, plus I got some new things in for them to wear. Emmy in particular got some cute pieces. <3

Emmy got a new shirt from GelatoBabyHandmade. It's so soft and wonderful. <3