Sunday, March 18, 2018

Heart Eyes

I got heart hands thanks to a friend who was selling some so now I get to play around with them! My incoming minifee also got these hands and I'm excited to have them capable of two-person hand-hearting. XD

I don't know what this is. Monkey ears? 😂

Other than Emerald and Zircon, of all the pairings I've photographed lately this one is the most canonically accurate couple. 

Emerald and Zircon are a real couple, and Emerald and Opal have a complicated history where Emerald thought they were in a relationship when they really weren't. 

It really took a toll on the friendship they had before. Things don't really get better until Emerald has moved on with Zircon. (Meanwhile Opal was interested in their girlfriend Raven the entire time Emerald thought he and Opal were dating, lol....)

I took way too many photos trying to get cute heart hands photos. I didn't succeed very well lmao. 

He can hold a magazine with these hands! 

(Thank you, Eve! <3)

Have a bonus photo of my cat with her tongue out:

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