Saturday, September 28, 2019

Early Mornings

Any time I want to do something cute/romantic/sappy the first couple I always think of is Rose and Ruby. <3

Ruby is a plumber and works long hours, which often means he's up early and home late. Meanwhile, Rose is a blogger and works from home, so he spends a lot of time missing Ruby.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Just over a week ago my wife and I were reunited with our very dear friends who live a province over. Our time was too short so the photos from that time are few and I have some regrets about that but I'm happy we spent the time doing other things instead. <3

Here are some photos of our DDs together.

(left to right) Minti, Calla & Azure (who belongs to our friend CallMeGorgeous/micaeverywhere)

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ruby & Rose Quartz

Ruby got a new faceup a long time ago but it was around when I stopped taking photos, haha. He still needs a new wig because as much as I like the colour, it's a little too intense for him and it is not friendly with the editing process. One day hopefully.

Anyway, this is one of the actual canon OC couples my wife and I have, Rose and Ruby (Rose is hers, Ruby is mine).

Monday, April 29, 2019

To the Moon

A lot has been happening at home and as a result, there is no space really for me to take photos for the last year. Among other things, I got the bright idea of changing the doll room to the master bedroom and sleeping in the former doll room (the smaller of two bedrooms). Unfortunately this came with a lot of challenges and is still not completely finished, however there was enough progress for me to sneak in a couple photos today. :)

This doll is a Ringdoll Amethyst and he belongs to my wife. His face is so adorable I just want to squish it. ;3; His name is Telesto, and he is the Moon to Vega's Sun. :)

I should also probably mention that I forgot everything I used to do to edit photos so...this was interesting. 😂😂😂

Friday, July 13, 2018

Together At Last

So back in June my Bimong Narin finally arrived! His name is Ruby and...he's amazing, truly. Bimong did an amazing job with his body I can't believe how different it feels from the one I used to own.

Anyway, Ruby is Rose's boyfriend. His faceup is temporary (as in my excitement I forgot to remind my fiancee that he's ginger) and he definitely needs new eyes but so far he's amazing.

Chalcedony and Citrine

Yesterday was a disaster with dolls and my cat, so I had a major meltdown. Thankfully everything is okay, and I had the energy to try again today. This...didn't go the way I planned.

I took some inappropriate images of Chalcedony and Citrine. It...just kinda happened. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Post Convention

Hey all!

I didn't really take any photos at Doll North other than the ones for Project Runway (since we don't have a photographer on staff at the moment). Most of my photos were on my phone and there aren't even that many of them, whoops. 😅

This year more than previous years I feel like I was working more than I was enjoying the convention. I feel like I missed out on a lot of things so it had me kind of down for the last week or so. As much as I like working on Doll North I wish there would be a year where Sabrina and I don't have to work the whole time. I saw so many posts during and after where I realized I was only able to talk to a couple people and not for as much time as I would have liked. Add to me being awkward and well.... 😅

So unfortunately, not con photos in this post. I took a few photos with my camera after the convention instead.