Saturday, February 13, 2021

Chronological Order

 A friend of mine suggested photographing my dolls in chronological order from when I received them as a way of deciding which dolls to take photos of when the answer is inevitably both "all of them" and "none of them" as the sheer number owned between my wife and I is often overwhelming (and surprising). 

So I sat down the other day and wrote out a list, using Instagram posts and email receipts to piece together a timeline of when my dolls arrived. I only know specific days for a handful of them (my very first and 2 that coincidentally arrived on the same day as two different family members), so I limited my list to "month" and "year".  I'll be keeping a record here so that I can check off ones I've completed. 

Aside from the recent photoshoot with Clay, my initial plan is going to be to take new profile headshots for each doll so I can properly update the "doll profile" page on this site. It's woefully out of date and while some photos were taken in the same setting, many were not and I'm the kind of person who likes stuff like that to match. 😅

So for now, until I take more photos (hopefully that will be soon, I'm rather in the mood lately), a list:

  1. Clay March 2006
  2. Shael August 2006
  3. Ymir April 2008
  4. Davis April 2009
  5. Diamond September 2014
  6. Jack December 2014
  7. Emerald December 2014
  8. Raspberry February 2015
  9. Peach July 2015
  10. Minty October 2015
  11. Citrine October 2015
  12. Rook December 2015
  13. Pearl May 2016
  14. Spinel January 2017
  15. Dragon February 2017
  16. Vega February 2017
  17. Leif* July 2017
  18. Ver December 2017
  19. Chalcedony March 2018
  20. Ruby June 2018
  21. Figgicult Guava III February 2019
  22. Aegmyr February 2019
  23. DD Ranka October 2019
  24. Janus June 2020
* This one is tricky, because initially I bought the same sculpt when I bought Clay in 2006, however I sold that version of him and then purchased a newer version of the same sculpt from a friend. I then sold that one to a different friend, who sold him back to me several years later. Due to the complicated timeline history, I elected to include him in the most recent purchase since I also bought another doll from the same friend during that time. 

For some dolls since they were not purchased as a full doll and were instead purchased in parts, I chose the date that I received the head. For most of them I didn't keep a record of when the body arrived, and for one of them I still don't have a body for the head even though I have hair/eyes/clothing for them. Since head is a better indication of character and personality, I felt it made the most sense and I didn't want to leave out a head that I have a plan for just because I don't have the $$. 😂

Also note I did not include any dolls I no longer own, since that would serve no purpose. 

And since there are some dolls that actually belong to my wife but I KNOW I will not be able to resist photographing (even more so than some of my own), I have a separate list:

  1. Opal September 2014
  2. Lettie December 2014
  3. Runa May 2015
  4. Nimbus August 2015
  5. Calla December 2015
  6. Swann January 2016
  7. Bird January 2016
  8. Zircon May 2016
  9. Emrys December 2016
  10. Pomelo January 2017
  11. one-eyed cat April 2017
  12. K-Doll Kasis May 2017
  13. Oaklyn July 2017
  14. Beryl September 2017
  15. Salt December 2017
  16. Glace January 2018
  17. Rose Quartz March 2018
  18. Telesto June 2018
  19. Vesper January 2019
  20. Vulpin February 2019
  21. Lev May 2019
  22. Trace May 2020

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