Friday, February 12, 2021

Trying New Things

I'm not dead, lmao.

I moved! And because of that, all of my stuff was in different boxes and motivation to find it all was pretty much zero with work going on at the same time. Now that I have some downtime (thank you, lockdown) I've decided to try photographing each of my dolls in chronological order from when I received them. 

I plan on doing new headshots for everyone, but I waited too late in the day for the natural light and I haven't been able to find my ring light for my camera yet to use my photo tent for them so for now I'm just doing some photos using new string lights I got since I've been enjoying coloured lights for myself. 

I got frustrated arranging these earlier so while I can do two colours I couldn't get the energy to do more than the one. I'm still figuring out how I want to use these.

Clay arrived at my house as my first doll in March 2006. She is a Dream of Doll DOC Mir. I received 2 at the same time but Clay is the only one I kept from the pair--more on that at a later time.

Clay is probably the one doll I own that has the most pieces of myself in her design and character. She's evolved over time to be a little more toned down than I used to have her, but I could never get rid of the vibrant blue hair. Blue is my absolute most favourite colour of all time and the importance for Clay is that putting a blue sweater on her back in 2006/2007 is what really started to solidify her character for me and made me really fall for her. 

She was actually an impulse purchase and was not the doll I'd been planning to buy, but I liked her face on the website and added her to my cart along with another doll I had been planning to buy just as a whim. I have never regretted that decision. Most things I've found that work the best for her are things that I hadn't even planned, like her hair which was sold to me as a 6-7" size but is in fact a 7-8" size and at the time she was the only one who could wear that size so she claimed it, finally upgrading from the fur wig that used to be the style way back in the late 2000s early 2010s. 

Finally, she is always smiling, and so whenever I look at her, I smile (sometimes only on the inside), and it makes me happy. 

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