Friday, December 4, 2015


I've been super busy with essays this month, November is always awful so I haven't been allowing myself to take any photos, lol.

I finished most of my work so I took a bunch of photos but I'm being really picky about them right now so I don't know how I feel about some of them and I haven't edited them because of that.

Opal, Emerald and Diamond. There is a space next to Diamond that would be perfect for Rose Quartz when we get him. It would finish off the group of four so nicely. ;0; I have Citrine's head but he's not in the inner circle of four. One day! Diamond is the leader. :) Opal looks like they're an evil advisor or something here. XD

My girlfriend's RS Song, Nimbus. I love him~~ She painted his face, except for his eyeshadow which is my fault. XD I want one!

Brooke and her mother Runa. Brooke is a crazy child and tries her mother's patience, lol. 

This is how every family portrait session goes, I'm sure. XD
I need to take photos of some of my recent purchases as well. I have a serious addiction to rRabit (Runa's entire outfit is rRabit) and just when I think I don't need more clothes, she adds new ones to her shop. But that's a rant for another time, lol. (It's a long one probably.)

Also, a note about Brooke: Brooke is named Brooke instead of Rook because I am getting a new doll that better suits the character Rook and I haven't figured out what to name the old Rook yet so I'm going with Brooke because it can be shortened to Rook. I'll figure out something later. I just don't want to be tagging posts as Rook only to have to change it in a month or so. XD

Oh! And in other news: my girlfriend and I have a doll on layaway to be Raven, Opal's girlfriend/future wife. So excited. :D

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