Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hello again!

I haven't forgotten about my blog, but I have been in a rut lately. I buy things for my dolls all the time but never feel the energy to take photos.

So naturally on the day I go to take photos, my ring flash is broken. Sigh. Apparently the batteries in it were old enough to explode and destroy the inside. The good news is that they're not expensive (~$40CAD on eBay) and I recently found some Christmas money that I thought I lost, but the bad news is that it could take several weeks to receive the new one. Until then photos will likely be less than what I want them to be, if I manage to take them.

On that note, anyone who knows me personally likely knows that I have an obsession with rRabit's doll clothing. I have made several orders from them over the past year and now have a ridiculous amount of clothing for my DDs. So in that spirit, what I was attempting to do today until the ring flash debacle and my camera deciding to go from 3 bars to 0 in a short amount of time, was photograph my DDs (+Momiji from Doll North) in some form of "Lookbook" series. Sadly I only got a couple photos of the girls today, and only one that is really worth sharing. Hopefully motivation hits soon and I can try again.

(From left to right) Momiji, Calla, Minty, Peach

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