Saturday, November 7, 2015

Short Photoset

I decided to take some photos last night! :D I was a tad over ambitious about how many dolls I was going to photograph but I wanted to get as many as possible while I felt productive. XD I ended up with a short set of matching photos. My girlfriend's MNF Mir, Opal, ends up looking like a jerk but they're ~soooo pretty~ lol.

Some tension between Opal [left] and Emerald [right]?? o:

Unrequited love~~ T^T

Opal: Get off me :T

Opal: Bye girl bye!
Poor Emerald~~ :c

An extra of Emerald. His beautiful face is by momochu. <3

Group shot of the Gemstones we have right now! There are still so many to come.

Diamond is in the middle because he's the leader. :3 I was too lazy to dress him cutely lol.
 My girlfriend and I have a group of characters who are part of a "gemstone" group. They all have names based on a precious stone of their choosing that usually matches their wardrobe colour. Opal is a little brat because they have opal which allows them to use multiple pastel colours :P

Important note for Opal: Opal is gender-fluid and therefore uses "they/them" pronouns.  Please use the correct pronouns when you refer to Opal. :D The other two are both boys and use he/him.

I have a head for Citrine but he has no body and no face up. XD I got a pretty decent deal on his head so I bought it without planning for much else. Whoops. Gems that are missing from our collection are: Pearl, Obsidian, Zircon, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Peridot, Garnet, Moonstone, Amethyst and Lapis. Raven is also missing, she is Opal's wife but not part of the group, same with Diamond's boyfriend Lev.

Hopefully later I can update with more photos. Photoshop is being a jerk right now and deciding that it is frozen without telling me it's frozen. Note to self: never use the smudge tool. :I

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