Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Up and running!

Hello everyone~!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first ever domain so please forgive me for any bugs that you may find, but hopefully things should be running pretty smoothly. 

So far I have photos (from Instagram, teehee /lazy) up for all the dolls in the profiles section. Please take a look and let me know what you think. :3 I also have a contact page where you can find me. I'm pretty easy to contact but I'm a little forgetful so forgive me if I don't reply immediately!

With that all out of the way, I will get to some doll related things, which is what this blog is for! :D

Currently I am waiting on a few things, but who knows when they will arrive since CanadaPost recently decided not to track things that aren't shipped with EMS, lol. ¬¬ 

Here is my current list! <3
      1. BeWithYou Smiling Golden Kiwi + peace hands (not shipped)
      2. LOTS of clothes for my DDs from rRabit yessss <3
      3. 5 wigs from Lullaby Poem (lol so risky but I couldn't resist <3)
      4. 1 wig I bought from someone on the DD forum which is taking foreverrrrr why CP whyyyyy. XD
I think that is it at the moment. I recently received my Leekeworld order and my Volks Japan order. <3 Very excited. I took advantage of store credit I had with LW to get 3 wigs (buy 2 get 1 free!) so I am soon to be swimming in 8-9 girly wigs, which is nice since I had basically 0. Wigs from eBay disappointed me in 8-9 and I liked them at first then ended up hating them all, sadly. I mean, technically none of my dolls need more than 1 wig each but I enjoy changing things up too much.

Someone at Leekeworld tried to write that I live in Oritario instead of Ontario, teehee. <3

I also got a pair of eyes (k.round violet glass hnngg) and a pair of thinning shears just for the fun of it. I tested them on a cheap wig from eBay that I never use mostly because the bangs were waaaaaay too long and it had to sit pretty far back for you to see the doll's face and then the front pieces sat funny. I think it's better but it's such a cheap wig and I didn't have the greatest hold on it while cutting ffft.

By far my favourite part of the order was Peach's new wig: 


This isn't the best shot of it but it's so cute on her!! It fits much better than I expected and doesn't have the weft problem like I expected it to. You can see the weft if the pieces aren't sitting properly but it's easily solved. The colour is lovely and it's not as poofy as I was worried it would be. As soon as I put this wig on her I knew she was a Peach. <3

As for my Volks order, that wasn't anything particularly exciting for me personally, other than the fact that I love to give gifts and that's just what that package was! 

My GF holding her gift. <3 a DDS body, brand new!

For Christmas this year my girlfriend is getting me a doll from BeWithYou and I'm getting her a Dollfie Dream 06 on the DDS body. I have a seller for the head and since the conversion from USD to CAD is so horrible right now, I decided to buy the body directly from Volks. ~32000¥ is about $345 CAD where as $300USD, the lowest I've seen a body go for that I can remember is $391 CAD.  Even with EMS and customs it ended up being cheaper lol. 

So I have most of my gf's present ready to go (although she technically is already allowed to have it after I tortured her last year), we just need the head! It's all right that we don't have it yet though since my present hasn't shipped so we might actually get our presents around the same time. :D 

I'll stop here for now. Thanks for reading! Have a group shot. :3

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